Specialized Gulf Co. is a Kuwait-based company within the field of construction, successfully paving its way across Kuwait and the Gulf. In a crowded market, SG aims to stand out among all other contractors, delivering a wide range of services. While being fully aware of all the hindrances facing our clients in the field of construction, our services are mainly targeting paint and floor contracting.

Paints and floors complement the beauty of a building. We exist to make a difference in the market and to delineate our experience in a creative manner.

Enjoying an extensive expertise in the field of paint and floor contracting, we not only aim to upgrade the market’s conventional solutions but also educate our clients on the means by which they could select the right product or service to suit their demands.



Values & Ethics Unwrapped

  • Quality is our number-one concern; we never spare the quality of our products with anything. When it comes to paints, quality is a cornerstone and details are fundamental to produce an impeccable result.
  • Our rich experience, considerable knowledge, and professionalism will give you every confidence in our. Decide upon your selected timeframe and our team will be efficiently delivering your service.
  • In contrast to numerous individuals and institutions, we opt for identity rather than profit; we opt for credibility. Instead of employing low quality material, we constantly seek world-class solutions and first-rate material.
  • Driven by passion for what we do, every member of our experienced team is dedicated to their craft and devoted to contemporary construction.
  • We strictly abide by the moral codes and believe that success is mainly driven by the ethical environment we maintain. Whenever we perform a certain action, we pay due attention not only to the surrounding environment but also to the clients’ overall health.

Make Your Space Beautiful Inside and Out!

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Each of us deserves to live or work in a comfortable environment; one that is meant to fully upgrade your whole life, taking you to an advanced level.


Our mission is to work perfectly with passion, becoming the number one destination for clients in our field, delivering aesthetic and excellent results that are of the highest standards.


Every client is a new challenge for us. Before visualizing the appropriate solution, we devote due attention to the client’s concerns and preferences. The following step is portrayed in checking the client’s space and figuring out the most apt solutions and options.

Living in such a technology-based world, we constantly strive not only to stay updated but also provide our clients with state-of-the art services and contemporary solutions. SG prides itself on relying upon highly-professional and specialized techniques when opting for painting solutions or carrying out flooring constructions.


With a key concern of preserving world-class quality, we only hire professionals who have an eye for aesthetics and enjoy an extensive experience in painting and flooring services.