When it comes to installing your kitchen floor, we are one of the best in the business. In this
email, we’ll take you through a case study of how we were able to replace an old kitchen floor
with the new and improved Silikal System B Floor.
First off, we visited the client’s kitchen and studied their flooring issues. This is very important
because when we understand the issues that a floor has, we can find a solution that works and communicate it effectively to the client.
Upon studying the flooring, we quickly discovered that it was badly damaged. The surface had
cracks, and the floor was uneven. This was not as a result of neglect though, in fact, the kitchen
staff used to clean the floor daily. However, waste material from the food had settled on the floor,
making it dirty and unhygienic. Water was clogged in the drainage, oily and greasy substances
had accumulated with the water. This made the cleaning process very hard, as food material
tends to stick to the flooring. The floor trenches and drainage was also heavily damaged
because food remains were not cleaned properly, and that left an unpleasant smell beside the
trenches and drainage system.
All in all, it looked like a scene out of a bad movie.

After we were done with floor griding, we repaired the edges of all the water drainages and
trenches with the Silikal R-17 fast curing mortar. We then vacuumed the entire floor area to
make it dust-free.
We applied the Silikal primer coat to the entire floor, and dried with the exhaust fans. It took 90
minutes to dry.
Next, we applied a plastic coating strip over the skirting areas to maintain the height of 10cms
from the floor level. We applied Silikal coving paste, along with the approved colored quartz,
adding a hardener to the skirting. We then followed this with a self-leveling coat application to
the floor. All these were mixed together and applied with a trowel uniformly. Soon after the filler
was applied, while it was still wet, we applied the color uniformly above the filler and was left to
dry under the exhaust fans.
After that, we applied Silikal final top coat. We thoroughly checked to ensure that the floor levels
and the applications were perfectly done, eliminating any unevenness on the surface.
We had to barricade the entire area for 1 hour to stop anyone from entering the flooring area.
The staff and management of the kitchen were happy to return to using their kitchen with the
new hygienic and clean flooring from Silikal Flooring Germany without any interruption to
operations. What’s more, it’s easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the kitchen is neat and
well-maintained and above all it is durable.
So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today, and let’s give your floor the treatments that it



To fix this, we decided to introduce SILIKAL FLOORING from GERMANY to provide hygienic,easy to clean, safe & slip resistant, fast curing, impact-resistant, strong & durable flooring. Italso has good aesthetics, is chemically resistant, has a long life span, and is still renewable after. It is also easy to repair, especially with the warranty that comes with it. To show the client
how good it was, we decided to install a sample and allow the client to test it , Another supplier approached the client and proposes heavy duty tiles system, and applied a sample to the floor to compete with the Slikal Flooring. After the client has tested both samples for a month, they decided to go with the Silikal flooring. Wise choice, wouldn’t you say? First off, we re-inspected every area of the kitchen., From the pot and dish wash areas to the storeroom and the meat and fish cutting areas. We closely inspected the cook line area, serving areas, and corridors before starting the preparation of the floor surface. Although the kitchen operated till midnight when we took over to start work, we started with an overnight application by drying the water first with a fire blowlamp to dry both the water and the moisture above the surface. We cut open the weak material and the surface preparation was done using the BLASTRAC diamond disc 3 heads grinding floor machine, the cutting processwas dust-free because we connected it to the BLASTRAC dust collector. This is important because we had to maintain a dust-free atmosphere, especially with live and operational kitchens.