If first impression is something to go by, your office appearance can tell your customers and investors everything they need to know about your business. Therefore, a clean, stylish, and elegant office space can be an asset that will attract clients, boost employee morale and improve overall marketing opportunities.

In this case study, we completed several tasks to reinvent an office design in AlRai area in Kuwait city. We started off by painting on the walls. After that, we repaired the ceiling surface and applied decorative paintings on the walls, and as an “ice topping”, we installed polished concrete as a flooring of the office.

We will walk you through how we transformed this office with a modern aesthetic appearance through these projects.

Painting Works for Walls

The existing walls of the office were uneven, so extra efforts were required to guarantee the best result. Generally, we started by washing and scrubbing all surfaces of the wall to get rid of debris that may otherwise prevent the paint from adhering.

All the surfaces of the wall were properly abraded with sanding paper to ensure a smooth area. We used a stiff bristle brush to remove and properly repair loose materials.

Quite expectedly, after this process, holes, and cracks in the wall become visible. It is however important to note that not even the slightest cracks should be spared; otherwise, they become visible in the final result and dampen the quality.

Therefore, we used putty to repair these cracks. The solution was administered with a putty scrape to ensure an even base for the paint.

We went ahead to prime the wall so that it does not absorb the paint. The choice of primer used is based on our professional experience. Firstly, we ran the primer across the larger surface of the wall using rollers. For the small area and corners, we used brushes to reach across them.

Finally, we employed the Jotun Fenomastic paint. The initial coat was applied by a roller as an undercoat and was allowed to dry for several hours. Afterwards, the last layer was deployed as a finish coat, where we employed a special procedure to ensure that we achieved a smooth and hard surface.

Repairing Ceiling Surface

The problem with the existing ceiling was that it had a rough finish with cracked concrete, such that the nails and reinforced bars became visible.  With that, the electrical circuit and even plumbing system are not safe.

What needed to be done was repairing the concrete surface. So, we did a profile grinding to remove the concrete laitance. As usual, the Balstrac 435 grinder was connected to the dust collector. By grinding the rough concrete off, we levelled the surface and exposed longer reinforcement bars. Afterwards, we cut the reinforcement bars and grind the concrete to obtain an equal level with the edges of the bar, leaving the ceiling surface with a new concrete look.

Applying decorative paintworks

 We applied some decorative paintwork on the newly painted wall to give it an elegant and professional appearance.  Firstly, we used putty to restrict the areas where we will be working. Then we primed this area to create an adhesive surface that sticks to the decorative paint instantly. For the final finish, we used the Maxmeyer decorative venziano paint.

Installing Polished Concrete for the office ground floor.

The office was initially fitted with newly installed ceramic tiles, but our client was interested in having a polished concrete for a change. After 30 days of concrete curing, we installed new polished concrete flooring with salt and pepper finish.  We started off by grinding and collecting dust.  Then we did the polishing for six grinding polishing tools according to these sizes; 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500, 3000. To achieve a final smooth and shiny finish, we used the Blastrac burnisher using the grid of 1500 and 3000 for an even variation.

Constantly upgrading the office environment is a great way to retain its value and ensure a rejuvenating feel. After we completed this project, the office put on a refined look, satisfying both staff and visitors. The decorative design on the wall was a perfect spot for photo-ops by default, and the overall elegance of the polished floor made every step worth taking.

If you’ve been looking to transform your home and office’s look and feel, we’re great at one thing- bringing your imaginations to reality. Get in touch with us today!