Case Study of installing flooring for Ahlia Spice Factory

Whether you want to install a new floor or protect the existing one, we have a solution that will perfectly meet your needs. In this email, we’ll take you through a case study of how we were able to do the epoxy coating for the floor of a spice factory.

First off, we visited the factory and studied their flooring issues. This is very important because when we understand the issues that a floor has, we can find a solution that works and communicate it effectively to the client.

Upon studying the flooring, we quickly discovered that there was significant damage to the floor. The existing flooring was done with Epoxy coating, ceramic tiles and concrete that was newly cast. There was a lot of unevenness and undulation in the flooring; the tile grout had flaked out, there were a couple of pot-holes and cracks on the concrete floor.

We also noticed that the area was used to heavy foot and trolley traffic, which meant that the floor had to be extra durable.

Luckily, the client had seen a lot of our previous flooring work and was impressed with them, which is why they decided to award us the project.

To fix this, we decided to introduce epoxy coating to the floor to provide a hygienic, easy to clean, impact-resistant, strong & durable flooring. It also has good aesthetics, is chemically resistant, has a long life span. It is also easy to repair, especially with the warranty that comes with it.

First off, we re-inspected every area of the kitchen. We also closely inspected the areas that had heavy foot and trolley traffic before starting the preparation of the floor surface.

We removed the existing coating and prepared the surface using the BLASTRAC diamond disc floor grinding machine, the cutting process was dust-free because we connected it to the BLASTRAC dust collector. This is important because we had to maintain a dust-free atmosphere, especially in a factory that produces spices.

After we were done with floor grinding, we removed the existing epoxy coating. We then vacuumed the entire floor area to make it dust-free.

Next, we applied tile grout and cut cracks in a v-groove shape. Then we applied Epoxy based cementitious repair material.

After that, we added 2 separate coats of Epoxy coating to make the floor extra durable

After finishing the floor, the client was very happy to see the change in the flooring. The light grey colour gave the floor an entirely new look, and we applied line marking to show the workers the path to follow.

What’s more, the new flooring is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that the factory is neat and well-maintained.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch today, and let’s give your floor the treatments that it deserves.