Paint It Healthy, Paint It Chic!

Coating Contracting

May it be your beloved home, a commercial mall, or an institutional building, our staff is gifted enough to professionally meet all your visions.  At Specialized Gulf Co., we adopt a proactive, systematic approach that enables us to establish an efficiently-built and artistically-fashioned coating that suits our client’s request. With a view to create a coating that transcends the conventional models and appearances, we abide by the modern technological techniques that guarantee improved preparation and, accordingly, superb coating.

Façade and Internal Wall Plaster Contracting

If you do not aim to cover your wall with stone, plaster is a key step for any building. May it be an internal or external plaster, it serves as a fundamental layer over which paints and coatings are prepared. Whether made out of mineral, acrylic, silicate or silicone; facade plaster can be applied for the protective or decorative coating of walls while, in some cases, acting as a heat resistant.
With an unparalleled quality, we manage to bring forth a wide range of plaster industry products, among which are Thick Render, Splash, BXN and WXN. In addition, Specialized Gulf Co. partners with national and Gulf-based companies to provide its clients with the best and latest solutions available in the industry.
In pursuit of attaining unrivalled quality, our professional team members head for the location of your building to get acquainted with its architectural characteristics; subsequently meeting your requirements. Although requests and services vary, Specialized Gulf Co. has a number one priority of providing each client with real value.
To ensure impeccable quality, we use Bioni Perform: a highly resilient acrylic that is used to cover the exterior plaster, offering long-lasting protection. One of the most significant usages of this product is applying it on buildings and chalets close to seashores; due to the fact that it protects the buildings from humidity.
Due to its silver system technology, Bioni Perform fights the algae growth, making it perfectly fitting for coatings as it faces countless climatic and environmental challenges.

Decorative Paint

With some skilful brushes, Specialized Gulf Co. brings aesthetic surfaces to life, fashioning the most significant effects. Decorative painting is a key tool in architecture; when brilliantly used, it revitalizes the entire space. Accentuating various elements of design, Specialized Gulf Co. opts for MaxMeyer: a history that bears witness for the passion of paints and colour mixtures.
Nowadays, MaxMeyer has grown to become a world leading coatings manufacturer. By applying MaxMeyer coatings, we ensure durability and meet the requirements of superb colour quality. Thus, MaxMeyer offers outstanding results by producing high performance coatings.
Moreover, to create a unique, customized effect for interiors, we choose Viero decorative paints. It offers unlimited solutions for paints, to be professionally selected in a way compatible with the interior. Not only will it guarantee quality and efficiency but also present an endless range of colours and textures to our esteemed clients.

Functional Paint Contracting

Being a specialist in the field of functional painting doesn’t necessarily mean you are an industrious professional too. At Specialized Gulf co., we enjoy a rich knowledge for functional painting modern techniques, first-rate paint products, and novel environment-friendly solutions.
In pursuit of offering state-of-the art solutions, we kept advancing our techniques and materials till we opted for nanotechnology; one of the most forward-thinking technologies that fight bacteria, germs, and algae in order not to grow on walls. It moreover resists the growth of MRSA -surgeries bacteria- which positively impacts not only the patients’ health but also the hospitals’ reputation.
This will inevitably result in hygiene, sanitation, comfort, and good health. Therefore, we provide our clients with Bioni Hygienic: a paint free of solvents and softeners, free of fogging-active substances, and has a durable, high resistance to mould and bacteria infestation. It fits rooms that necessitate high levels of hygiene as hospitals, clinics, surgery rooms, nursing homes and rehabilitation centres.
Cleanliness and health are not confined to hospitals; rather, steam and sauna rooms as well as swimming pools are areas that should always be free of germs and bacteria. Bioni Hygienic offers ideal coating for such areas.
Since warehouses are always on the move with equipment and personnel constantly rushing from one spot to another, it is quite necessary to provide such areas with the most durable solutions.
On the other hand, kitchens, restaurants, meat processing factories, beverage factories, and milk production factories require persistent protection from harmful bacteria to ensure a fruitful industry along with a healthy environment. Thus, we rely upon Bioni Food System: a state-of-the-art paint solution that seamlessly fits the food industry. In contrast to other conventional paint solutions, Bioni Food System can be directly applied to walls, providing clients with longstanding protection against mould and bacterial contamination.

Weather Resistant Paints

Have you deeply thought of repairing your roof yet, you have some concerns regarding quality? Exterior paints have witnessed an impressive progress when it comes to either techniques or materials. Even if exposed to the sun, rain, wind, snow or dust; your exterior paint can last for years without changing colour or fading away.
Living in such a fast-paced world, easily-affected by modernism; we have always been evolving our techniques to best fit this modern environment. With the efficient aid of Bioni Roof, we offer our clients the most durable type of paints, highly resistant to algae and moss growth. Whenever any of us thinks of fixing a roof or constructing it from scratch, we exhaust our minds thinking about the exterior paints; in terms of their quality and artistic appearance. Thus, we pay due attention to this obstacle, and we, therefore, offer solutions for environmental and grave climatic conditions. It does not only present durability but it is also a waterproof paint. 

Comprised of siliceous light fillers and multi-functional properties, Bioni Living is an indoor coating that enables our esteemed clients to comfortably sit in their living rooms, bedrooms or offices; owing to the fact that it has a positive outcome and grants a surprisingly comfortable ambience.

Strong Yet Elegant!

Polished Concrete

It’s no longer about the grey colour! With a vast range of finishes and endless mixtures of colours, polish concrete has grown to become one of the popular and modern techniques for flooring solutions. You can select any colour that suits your taste and fits your space. Our professional staff won’t merely construct an artistically-polished concrete but also develop a concrete that is easily cleaned and efficiently set according to the surrounding furniture and paint choices. To professionally offer such a service, we heavily rely upon a system that chemically treats the floor and acts as highly abrasion resistant. Contrary to traditional methods and conventional techniques, we interweave the old construction methods -portrayed in bare concretes- with modern aesthetic polishing that suits the contemporary life.

MMA Flooring (Fastest Application Time In Kuwait )

At Specialized Gulf Co., Methyl Methacrylate Flooring (MMA), a dual system polymer, can be fully, professionally prepared overnight. In comparison to other flooring solutions, MMA has some overwhelming advantages; atop of which is low curing temperature. It is furthermore resistant to weak acids, alkalis, and solvents, making it a number-one solution for flooring services. May it be a warehouse, a bathroom, a swimming pool, a hospital or a parking lot; we are constantly striving to provide our clientele with the best and most modern solutions.

Epoxy Flooring

Have you ever felt desperately fed up due to the continuous routine of floor cleansing? By applying Epoxy flooring, you will bid all the stains and dirt farewell. Epoxy is regarded as one of the most efficient stain resistant floors; a perfect fit for hospitals, warehouses, car parks, repair centres and schools where cleanliness and sanitation are of paramount importance to ensure that the place is suitable for a healthy environment. Whenever you seek Specialized Gulf Co.’s assistance, our staff will constantly be prepared to head for your location, inspect the floor, discuss the possible solutions and agree with you on the timeframe necessary to deliver the flooring service.

Functional Flooring Concrete

If you need to repair or rebuild your floor, Specialized Gulf Co. brings worn-out floors back to life. In some industries, floors are the most prone areas to be affected by the surrounding environment. Among these places are central kitchens, freezers, warehouses or airports, and each of them has a tendency to develop a worn-out, destructed floor, resulting in an unkempt appearance. In order to fix these flooring pitfalls, Specialized Gulf Co. relies upon some modern, professional solutions- atop of which are oil-based polyurethane and Polymer ColorFlakes: decorative colour chips used for flooring systems.
With a view to provide our clients with a top-notch service, we opt for Silikal flooring. Functional flooring demands experts who are totally aware of the systematic plan of flooring and the required material for each floor. For instance, freezers floors can’t be similar to those of bedrooms as they get negatively affected by temperature, resulting in destructive consequences. In contrast to other traditional solutions, Silikal does not allow the penetration of bacteria, dirt or water in any of the aforementioned solutions, ensuring a seamlessly-built floor.
When it comes to warehouses, floors are wrecked due to the continuously stacked goods. Heavy weights can unescapably destruct your floor; for this reason, Silikal has always been our wise choice when it comes to flooring, offering us a wide range of modern materials and substances.
Airports are often linked with memories and the stunning nights spent abroad. Therefore, it should constantly look presentable for visitors. To evade any wrecked floors and guarantee the construction of a rock-hard floor, we fix those worn-out floors by applying mortar flooring and readying it to function way better than it used.

UCRETE Flooring

One of the brands we rely on in implementing our flooring services at SGC is Ucrete. It is a tough industrial flooring solution based on the polyurethane concrete.Manufactured with the most modern techniques, it offers a lot of advantages, including being slip resistant and having aesthetic appeal. It is also easy to maintain hygienically, withstands high temperature and chemical substances, and is highly durable, making it cost effective on the long run.Ucrete is widely recognized as one of the toughest industrial flooring solutions and is therefore considered reliable by both domestic and industrial customers. It is used in a wide range of places, including industrial kitchens, Poultry and fish processing facilities, cold rooms, local restaurants and even warehouses.