Flooring can affect the design, functionality, and overall value of homes, offices, and even the industrial environment in so many ways. That is why the installation of a new floor requires carefully considered factors. With numerous years of experience in flooring large restaurants and malls, industrial rooms, residential apartments, amidst many others, we guarantee the best flooring for your property.

This email will walk through how we installed an Epoxy coating in the Wafra store, making it stronger, more attractive, and durable.

Given the numerous activities done in the store daily, we recommend installing an epoxy flooring coat to replace the old, and badly damaged concrete floor.

Epoxy coating is robust and durable. It does not crack due to the pressure of trolleying and carting equipment. Aside from its ruggedness, it has more aesthetic appeal than a rather dull and unattractive concrete floor.

Since all floors are not the same and require a unique approach and tools during preparation, the first step was to examine the type of floor.

After assessing this concrete floor, we quickly got started with the grinder. In our professional experience, this three-headed multi-purpose planetary machine is the standard tool for this project.

We began by grinding out the concrete surface to prepare the floor to retain the new coating. Then, using the diamond disk, we reached the right level of the desired grinding.

The grinding process develops much dust, altering the quality of work if they are not removed completely. Since the grinding machine is equipped with a particular dust collector and vacuum that works simultaneously during the grinding process, dealing with the dust was easier. Additionally, the faculae process is done with the grinding. Finally, the grinding machine is attached to the vacuum to eliminate the mess from the dust.

After grinding, we got on with the priming. Unfortunately, many floor contractors overlook the use of epoxy primer in floor preparation, we don’t.

Epoxy primers improve adhesion because they are thin and can penetrate the concrete substrate resulting in a long-lasting epoxy coat. That is why we use it all the time.

The application is very delicate, so we employed a special kind of roller that makes sure no hair fiber from the roller is left on the flooring during the application.

As the epoxy primer settled in, we discovered some holes and cracks in the floor. This is not uncommon. So, we did a v-groove through a special machine to enlarge the cracks and used the vacuum to remove all dust that settled in the crevices. Following this, we filled these cracks with special materials. We also filled the floor joints so that they are not visible on the final floor finish.

Moving on to the first layer of the epoxy coat, we used a unique mixing technique- this special coat has always delivered distinctively amazing results. In our experience, mixing the epoxy the wrong way may lead to bubbles and some foam, resulting in a poor surface finish.

After mixing for some minutes, we applied the first layer of the epoxy coat with a hand trowel as a scratch coat to cover up the uneven floor finish. Twelve hours later, the second layer of the epoxy coat was applied with an epoxy roller to achieve a smooth finish.

Lastly, we looked for exposed areas outside the store and applied a Polyurethane UV traffic coating system to protect against sunlight.

When the floor was finally ready, the store owner and the co-workers were really amazed by how quickly the floor transformed. Now, they do not have to worry about scrub-cleaning chemical stains amidst some other recurrent tasking activities because the epoxy surface comes off as a stain-resistant, seamless, and easily cleanable type of flooring.

The smooth surface also allows wheeled equipment to roll through without bumps or cracks. While there may be some challenge with slipping, the anti-slip coating was applied to annul this drawback. With this simple act of being proactive, we severed the risk of slipping and accidents especially when fluids get to the floor.

So, looking to give your floor that touch-up that it deserves? Then get in touch with us, and let’s work our magic.